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We help companies in their goals to reduce their odor impact on communities to achieve sustainable growth.

Quienes Somos


TSG Environmental was founded in 1995 due to the need to reduce the impact of odor emissions from various industries and generate wellbeing in communities. In our 25 years of existence, we have specialized and adapted to new trends in order to provide strategic and customized support to our clients.

Today, we offer comprehensive end-to-end service in odor management, incorporating technological robustness on top of our body of scientific knowledge, allowing us to control environmental and operational variables simply, efficiently, and in real time.

Quiénes Somos
Por Qué TSG


25+ years of experience in the industry

Pioneers of odor management in South America

700+ projects in Latin America

Comprehensive solutions for odor emissions

Cutting-edge technology to prevent incidents

Coverage and support throughout Chile

We are internationally certified

Clients from all industries choose us

Our Team

patricio reich.jpg

We contribute to making the world a better place, helping companies reduce their impact on the environment and maintain good relationships with communities through control and monitoring techniques, as well as prevention measures.

Patrick reich

CEO , TSG Environmental

Industrial Engineer who graduated from the University of Chile and with an MBA from the University of Chicago. With experience in multiple industries, Patricio Reich founded TSG 25 years ago, making him a pioneer in the odor management industry in Chile.

Vania Zorich_03fondo.jpg

Vania Zorich
Director of Envirometrika

Food Engineer who graduated from the University of Santiago de Chile, and with a Master's Degree in Sustainability Management. Vania pioneered the development of olfactometry in Chile in 2005. She specializes in the assessment of odor impact studies, prevention measures, and odor management plans (OMP).

Cristian Reich_05.jpg

Cristian Reich
Innovation Director

Industrial Engineer with an MBA from ESADE University in Barcelona. Cristian lived abroad for 10 years, working for companies in Australia and Argentina, where he fostered a culture of innovation to allow these companies to generate a sustainable and long-term competitive advantage.

Hector Vergara_04_fondo.jpg

Héctor Vergara
Deputy Director of Envirometrika

Food Engineer who graduated from the University of Santiago de Chile and has a Professional Certificate in Environmental Compliance Management from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. In his 15 years of experience at TSG Environmental, Héctor has contributed to publications and presentations for the International Conference on Environmental Odor Management.

El Equipo


TSG evolution

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