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A breakthrough in environmental matters: Chile enacts its first standard on odor control

The odor emission standard for the pig industry is now official, which regulates the concentrations of pollutants that cause discomfort and affect the quality of life of the population.

The standard, whose objective is to protect the health of the population and improve their quality of life, hopes to prevent and control the emission of pollutants in pig farms.

It is the first legislation that establishes clear and defined limits for this industrial sector and through it a specific framework is available for the management of the impact due to odor in the pig sector.

Control and supervision will be the responsibility of the Superintendency of the Environment, and we are proud to have formed part of the Technical Committee that allowed us to convert this project into legislation that could improve the future of odor management.

It should be remembered that within the work carried out in the national odor strategy, as part of the diagnosis stage, the industrial sectors whose odorant emissions generate the greatest impact on the population were identified.

A work schedule was established for the development of standards in the following order: pig farms, seafood processing, pulp mills, sewage treatment plants, and final waste disposal sites.

At TSG Environmental we are very happy with this great milestone and proud to have actively participated in the technical committee that addressed the development of this standard.

The Ministry of the Environment has already begun work on the preparation of the second and third standards for odors, and TSG Environmental will also be present.

We are prepared to offer the managers of pig farms all our experience for the execution of all the services associated with this regulation, from the removal of odorant emissions to gas treatment systems.

We call to promote the health care of people and communities, as well as to generate an environment free of odors.

At TSG Environmental our constant development and training is focused on improving our technologies so that the pig industry achieves the best conditions in odor management.

Our experience allows us to be an excellent strategic partner in the diagnosis, control and monitoring that adjusts to the needs of your industry.

Contact us and find out about our odor management solution, click here to get your free DEMO.

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