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Dreams with smells and what they could mean

The smell is perceived through the nose. Throughout the world we can find different odors that can be from the most pleasant to the most unpleasant and unbearable. However, we all perceive odors in different ways, as our body receptors tend to subtly capture the particles. When we talk about smelling in dreams, it is important to be able to recognize if we are really in our deepest sleep. Several studies in universities indicate that in the deepest phase of our dreams our sense of smell rests and does not perceive odors from the outside. This means that, before entering the deep sleep phase, we can eventually perceive a smell from outside and, if this is of interest to us, it is possible to wake up. However, if we are in the deep phase, this smell is not perceived. non-existent odors Here we touch the land called fantosmia. It is a kind of hallucination that is related to pestilential odors, this is a smell disorder in which odors that do not exist are perceived. Incredible! Isn't it? A non-existent smell can be present in dreams, since, as we mentioned before, in the deep phase of our sleep, we do not perceive smells. In a dream we perceive a smell until we come out of our deep sleep stage. Does our sense of smell have free time? Considering all the studies that are being updated day by day, we can say no. The smell does not rest. Much less when we sleep. It does not stop and we are constantly perceiving odor molecules and our body sensors perceive them in order to send the waves to the brain and understand what we are perceiving. While your brain rests from the smells, our state-of-the-art Smart Sense sensors continue receiving, storing and transmitting data non-stop, achieving the goal of keeping your processes under control. Sleep peacefully, it doesn't matter if you don't smell, we will continue monitoring your odorant emissions.

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