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Environmental management through odor control

The environment is a precious resource that must be managed and protected, and businesses have a responsibility to do their part. Odor control is one of the concerns of some segments and it is necessary to reduce it, especially when close to a community.

Odor control is a comprehensive system that includes a range of strategies such as the use of atomization systems, filtration depending on the type of emission source.

Therefore, by taking proactive steps to reduce and control odors, businesses can help protect the environment, while saving on energy costs and improving community relations.

How companies that prioritize odor control as part of their environmental stewardship strategy can have a positive impact on the environment and create a healthier, more sustainable workplace.

Odor control is a practice to prevent or reduce odors. Odor control systems are designed to reduce the amount of unpleasant odors escaping into the atmosphere, thus reducing the negative impact on the surrounding environment.

An effective odor control system will reduce the concentration of odors emitted by a source by 99.9%. The system must also prevent odors from escaping into the atmosphere through a combination of techniques, including the use of encapsulation, chemical reactions, and adsorption.

Therefore, the quality of the odor control system is measured by the percentage of odor reduction. The higher the percentage, the better the quality. The most common sources of odors are wastewater treatment plants, landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, livestock and poultry farms, pulp mills, refineries, and food industries.

Odor Control Benefits

When odors are controlled, they present less risk of causing health problems and other negative impacts to a community. The reduction or elimination also helps to decrease the number of complaints.

Therefore, the use of an effective odor control system reduces the energy required for this procedure, generating an increase in productivity. All the aforementioned processes help to improve the reputation of a company and its own brand, avoiding customer turnover and falling sales.

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