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How to control and monitor gases?

Monitoring gases is essential, especially to ensure the safety of those who need to be in confined environments. In general, the gases that are used in industrial sectors are quite harmful to health. In addition, most of these gases, when exposed to industrial processes, can suffer explosions, which further favors the risks of those who work in this environment. Thus, it is necessary to take some important care. Therefore, regulatory standard 33, defines rules that must be complied with, aiming at the safety and health of all. Among them are: evaluation, risk control and gas monitoring. So, follow our post until the end and learn more about the importance of controlling and monitoring gases.

After all, how to detect gases?

At first, every company that exposes its employees to certain gases should carry out monitoring. In general, it can be done using a specific device, which is the portable gas detector. In a simplified way, the detector is nothing more than an equipment that can identify the presence of gases in the place, so it becomes fundamental when it comes to the safety of the employees of the place. Among his functions, he can detect leaks, as well as the presence of other agents. In addition, this facility allows the individual to take it whenever necessary, aiming to check the quality and if there is the presence of gas leakage.

Security measures

As mentioned above, the portable gas detector is one of the most important tools to be able to do the control. However, after the analysis has been carried out, it is also necessary to establish some security measures, so employees can work with the lowest level of risk. Some of the measures are:

Use of masks; Install and use exhaust fans; Evacuation of the site, if there are risks to individuals. Thus, the use of the portable detector with a focus on gas monitoring influences so that the environment becomes safer, in addition to ensuring the well-being of employees and also preventing the company from having possible losses.

What is the importance of the gas detector?

According to Regulatory Standard 06, the gas detector is not considered a personal protective equipment, however, its use is indispensable because high levels of gas can lead to

The asphyxia, intoxication, explosions and consequently the loss of life of several employees.

This equipment is not considered for personal use, because it has a function of range of the sensors. In other words, they are used for a certain time and are soon turned off.

In short, doing the control and monitoring of gases is fundamental, because it is through this whole process that the company can guarantee its employees safety, in addition to avoiding risks to their health and damage to the company. Even more, this point can also ensure safety to the environment. TSG Environmental supports companies that want to transform the world with sustainability. If your company wants to be sustainable, click here and contact us!

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