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Important client delegation visit us from perú

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

The year 2022 continues to give us satisfaction and this is the result of good management with our customers, a relationship of mutual trust and recognition of being market leaders beyond our borders.

We share with you the visit of a delegation of 7 executives from the Environment and Community Relations Management of the Cerro Verde Mining Company of Peru, which took place during the month of October.

In September, while we were developing a project in the Envirometrika consulting area with our client, they expressed interest in how our Smart Sense and Smart Plume online gas monitoring and odor modeling services work, in addition to our Smart Switch and Smart Filter odor emission control systems.

That is why we enthusiastically began coordinating a visit in which they could get to know in the field and in the first person how our systems of online monitoring and control of gas emissions work. The group arrived in Chile in October and during an intense day, our senior executives led by our General Manager Patricio Reich, received them in our new facilities.

Héctor Vergara, Diagnostic Manager, described the analyses that are performed in our Envirometrika laboratory and then guided by Rodrigo Bermúdez, Operations Manager, they toured our production line and warehouse with the finished products. In the afternoon Juan Andrés Miranda, Deputy Commercial Manager, guided a visit to the facilities of a health client in the metropolitan region, where they were able to observe the Smart Sense and Smart Switch systems on the ground We are very satisfied with this activity that reflects our seal of being market leaders and setting the route, generating shared value with our customers and establishing a bridge of return on experience that drives us to continue working to be better every day.

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