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Industrial odor control: know the benefits.

Industrial activity is definitely not popular due to the odor it releases during its activities. To prevent damage to the health of those who come into contact with this type of industrial odors, odor control is a fundamental part of industrial and agricultural activities in general.

Although the perception of odors is subjective, the industry needs to use different techniques, sensory and analytical, to assess how unpleasant that odor is to those who smell it, as well as to identify the chemical composition of that odor and quantify it.

Why promote or control industrial odor?

Industrial odor is the odor that is released during or after certain industrial processes. The industry can release gases and odors into the environment that, depending on the degree, can be unhealthy.

In addition, there are parameters to follow to keep the air free of odors, established by law, by decree or by recommendations of the FIESP in relation to the precautions to be taken with the so-called atmospheric emissions.

And these are some of the Brazilian standards that regulate the emission of odors by the industry.

What are the benefits of doing industrial odor control?

The smell is nothing more than the "bad smell" given off by the chemical products of the industry. Ideally, it should emit a minimum of unpleasant odor. However, the control helps to promote a more pleasant environment for coexistence in the company environment.

Good air quality promotes a more peaceful and productive environment for employees. In addition, it is necessary to carry out an adequate control of odors so that the region around the factory is not affected by the bad smell.

More than being community friendly, the industry that invests in odor control demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Industrial odor control and environmental management

Odor control is part of the many environmental stewardship actions taken by the industry. Without this type of actions, it is impossible for the company to continue with its activities in a sustainable manner in the long term.

In addition, the bad smell can be a clear indication that some process is not working correctly and needs to be corrected. In this way, the smell can be an indicator that something can, and should, be improved in the industry.

How to identify the need to control industrial odor?

Odor control begins with an analysis of the activity carried out by that particular industry. The companies dedicated to this type of analysis will be able to diagnose the type of purifier or industrial odor controller that your company needs.

Today's technology allows the use of artificial technology in odor management. Through more precise measurements, it is possible to suggest more effective measures, ranging from the installation of filters to gas scrubbers.

Regardless of the segment, evaluate the best industrial odor control solution with a company specialized in solutions for the sector.

Meet TSG Ambiental, for more than 25 years bringing the best integrated solutions for odor emission control throughout South America.

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