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Industry and community: odor control is key to preventing crises

There are a number of industries that carry out activities that emit gases and olfactory nuisances. Despite being extremely necessary for the community, the truth is that odors are extremely uncomfortable and even harmful to people. For this reason, odor monitoring is essential to prevent crises.

People who live in the cities of these industries or even in nearby regions can be negatively affected by the odors. In these cases, industries have a great solution: odor control. This set of actions is capable of establishing a more harmonious relationship between the community and the industry, making this association a great success.

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What is odor control?

Bad odors can generate a series of complaints from the population. It is not uncommon to find cases in which industries and the community begin to have a relationship complicated by odors.

Thus, odor monitoring is carried out by a company specialized in the subject, which has technologies that allow the diagnosis, control and continuous monitoring of odors emitted by the industry.

In other words, these companies have trained professionals and state-of-the-art laboratories to analyze odor emissions. With this, it is possible to discover the cause of the odors and work towards changes in activities that reduce the incidence of these odors.

In addition, specialized companies also offer continuous monitoring services, which guarantees an excellent relationship with the community in which the industries are inserted. Less odors and more quality services provided to their communities.

The importance of communicating with the community

Every company knows that its growth depends on a number of factors, especially the customer experience and public opinion, a factor that can be influenced by open and frank communication with the community.

When we talk about odors, it is essential that companies are open to hearing what the community has to say. After all, odors are real nuisances that can harm the community in which your business operates. In addition, the inconvenience can generate a series of crises, which affect the financial health of your company.

Complete solution in three steps

TSG Environmental has a complete solution for your company in three steps. With the help of artificial intelligence, we work with the diagnosis, control and monitoring tailored to your company.

Understand more details about the process:

1. Diagnostic

In the first stage, we measure the emissions from collected samples that are analyzed by our specialists in our laboratories. Thus, we simulate the scope and impact of emissions in the community where your company is located. This step is for us to understand that the problem is real and how we can work to resolve it.

2. Control

At this stage, we work to neutralize these odors, implementing technological and personalized solutions for your company.

3. Supervision

We make payments in real time with artificial intelligence. In this way, we ensure that odors do not become unpleasant and we avoid complaints from the community. As this negative impact diminishes, communities grow along with their industry! Throughout the process, we work on the continuous improvement of the operation.

Do you need to monitor odors in your industry? Get in touch with us and find out about our solutions.

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