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Technical advisor of TSG Ambiental

The International Environmental Association of Odor Managers (AMIGO) has our advisor, Vania Zorich, as its new president.

At TSG Environmental we are very happy to share with you Vania's new mission in a non-profit institution whose objective is to promote and disseminate the importance of proper odor management.

The new conformation of AMIGO

This organization is also led by Fernando Andrés Tomás as its vice president. Similarly, Toni Amo, from the company Suez Environmental, is the new secretary of AMIGO.

Carlos Lafita, from Global Omnium, is in charge of AMIGO's treasury. In this way, Carlos Díaz, who is leaving the presidency of AMIGO, joins as a member accompanied by Robert Corrales (Incoambiental) and Jaime Cardona (GSA).

What is FRIEND?

AMIGO is an organization formed in 2017 and dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the proper management of odors and based on the practical experience of its members, all related to and involved in the management of this environmental variable.

The importance of AMIGO as a promoter of environmental care and odor management

In 2019, it published its free 200-page basic introductory guide to odor management, a document that you can download by clicking here.

The document, written by different authors, has taken its position of international relevance, since it provides valuable information on odor management and control, as well as its consequent reduction in environmental impact.

The odor management guide initiative was so successful that it was decided to complement this information with a series of webinars on specific chapters of the book. All the Webinars, you can find them on their YouTube channel.

We invite you to review the content of AMIGO and be an active part of its community.

TSG Environmental message for Vania Zorich

We wish Vania every success in her management. We congratulate her on her appointment, considering it a fair recognition of her long career leading odor management projects.

It has been more than 25 years in which Vania's work and commitment has marked TSG Environmental, a space from where we continue to support companies in their odor management.

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