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The call for our webinar is a success

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

With a large call, our first webinar of this year, entitled "Advances in the new sectoral regulations on odors in the national fishing industry," was held yesterday, Thursday, July 14. For all those who were with us, we thank you for being able to connect and share with the interesting panel composed of Daniela Caimanque Coordinator of the Technical Committee of the Ministry of the Environment, Monserrat Jamett, Head of Sustainability of the Association of Fishing Industrialists ASIPES, Patricio Hernández Head of Engineering and Odor Control of TSG and Héctor Vergara, Envi Daniela spoke about the path traveled in the control of emissions of annoying odors for different industrial sectors, specifying the instruments and policies that the Ministry of the Environment has developed; thus we were able to know the progress of the regulations in current development for the industrial sector and the next steps. Monserrat shared how ASIPES associates have been working hard on the issue of annoying odors, commenting on the 7 points of the Protocol of Good Practices implemented by all its partners for odor management. He indicated some of the technologies that the associated industries have implemented and shared with us the strategies they have developed for community relations and how they have managed to get closer to neighbors and jointly address the problems associated with annoying odors. Patricio gave a technical talk on the particular conditions of the fishing industry that must be considered for an optimal design of a control system, such as seasonality, characteristics of raw materials, products, among others. In this context, he presented the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tool, which TSG has for all its clients, and demonstrated that it is essential not only to look at the final odor control system, but that it is also important to obtain an efficient extraction of emissions, which allows to increase efficiency and with it, optimize investment, making the best decision. Héctor spoke about the modeling of the odor impact of a source (EIO), presenting various cases, in which it can be evidenced how for different meteorological, structural, operational and technological conditions the odorant impact can be modeled. This tool allows you to predict how much the impact is mitigated by incorporating a change in the structures, flows and technologies for controlling and reducing odorant emissions. All these TSG tools are offered to fishing industrialists to jointly study which system is the most efficient to incorporate considering all the edge conditions. If you want to review the recording of the Webinar, you can click here.

(Access code: H.a7pNn%) This year we will be holding other seminars, with different topics but all focused on what we are experts and that we are passionate about, odor management. Follow us on our social networks and stay tuned for our publications and calls.

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