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The power of time in your hand with Smart Plume

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Smart Plume allows real-time identification of the odorant impact on defined receptors, as well as the origin and composition of the sources that may be affecting it. But also, do you know that you have the power to navigate through time?

You can travel to the future, since it allows you to infer future behavior based on all the historical data that has been recorded and superimposing the forecast weather conditions. Smart Plume sends alerts about these future episodes to make the necessary operational adjustments.

And can you travel to the past? Clear! For this, there is the "retro trajectory", which allows verifying the path of a perceived pollutant until reaching the exact minute of an event reported by a nearby receiver, through the modeling of inverse trajectories. It is an effective tool that allows identifying the eventual generating source.

With Smart Plume you have the power to travel through time, you will have instruments that will allow you to act preventively and responsibly. Together let's design the solution you need. Act now!


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