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We approved the Olfatec 2022 International Trial!

At #TSGEnvironmental we are very happy to announce this news and, for those who don't know, Olfatec is an international interlaboratory trial in which the most prestigious olfactometry laboratories worldwide participate.

We are accredited for the 2022-2023 period in our laboratory and we believe that it is an evident sample of the performance of our professionals and specialists for delivering better and increasingly optimal management and control of odors.

Presence of TSG Environmental in its commitment to constant accreditation

On this occasion, 38 participants were presented, who were evaluated by analysis of blind samples (matter that must be classified through different odoriferous measures, to recognize them), the precision and accuracy of our laboratory analysis.

We have passed with excellent records for these parameters!

But what does it mean that we have accreditation for one more year?

In addition, this test -along with many other activities and procedures- complies with the regulatory requirements to maintain our ISO 17025 accreditation as a Testing Laboratory.

As #TSGEnvironmental we want to especially congratulate Anny Molero and her team, for this new achievement that brings us great joy, at the same time that it presents us with a greater challenge: improving the quality of our laboratory processes.

You already know, at TSG Environmental we are committed to delivering a service that is always qualified for its application and execution. We want our development to allow us to take optimal care of the environment, managing to improve air quality and reduce claims from neighboring communities. Our professionals work every day to make it happen.

For more information about our services and updates, we leave this invitation open to you to see our previous posts at the following link.

Thanks for reading us!

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