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We are already in our new house.

The year 2022 has brought us great challenges and also satisfaction, and now we want to share with you the great news of our change of house!

Several months ago, the challenging task of redesigning our collaborative workspace by integrating the new reality of teleworking began. Mainly due to the expansion of our company, we take advantage of projecting a space in which all the units of the company were together, to enhance and work as the great team that we are. Until before the change, we had operated in Santiago with two work centers: in the house of Europa Street in Providencia, Diagnóstico y Laboratorio Envirométrika worked, in addition to the Commercial, Financial and Administrative units; while the areas of Operations, Warehouse, Construction and Engineering, were in the facilities of El Cortijo north of Santiago.

Therefore, now the challenge was to fulfill the objective of integrating all the organizational and functional units of TSG in one place. After hard work, for a little less than a month we have changed our offices to the new facilities located in the industrial cone of the commune of Quilicura. Our new facilities are located in a sector adjacent to the Américo Vespucio ring, so it offers us unbeatable accessibility.

Take note, the new address is Cordillera 331, Bodega C9, Quilicura, Santiago.

The phone numbers remain the same as the previous ones.

We ask you to update the data of our company, since the office in Providencia is inoperative.

We share this news with joy and optimism, we know that it will be the beginning of a new stage in our company, which will help us feel more integrated and therefore deliver to our customers the best of us, maintaining our seal of excellence in service.

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