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We are celebrating our anniversary!

Proud to share with our entire community one more year doing what we are passionate about.

27 years ago, Patricio Reich, our General Manager, imagined a world in which companies could live in harmony with their surrounding communities, where the eventual impact could be monitored by protecting the well-being of the communities. This is how The Synergy Group TSG was born, a pioneering company in Chile and Latin America dedicated to the management of odors and gases.

The first years were of a lot of learning, knowing the reality of the most environmentally advanced countries, from where the best practices and the latest technology were brought. In all these years of experience, we have successfully developed more than 1,000 projects in Chile, Latin America and Europe. Today we deliver solutions from start to finish on the topics of odors and environmental impact.

Another achievement that fills us with satisfaction is the ties we have generated with public and private entities, with great prestige and recognition. We are an authoritative voice in the matter and as such we have participated as members of the Technical Committee for the first odor emission standards, a work led by the Ministry of the Environment of Chile.

Our seal is and will be to remain as allies of our customers, allowing them to dedicate themselves to what they know best, relying on us to reduce their environmental footprint. To do this, we develop In-house technology responding quickly to your requirements, offering a tailor-made solution to your challenges and delivering a comprehensive solution to your problems.

At TSG we have learned the value of information, our monitors collect a large amount of data that is analyzed using artificial intelligence, in this way we can help companies optimize their processes and minimize their environmental incidents.

In all these years of experience, TSG has evolved by incorporating technology into its scientific base to remain at the forefront. We have a large human capital that makes the company what it is today.

Patricio Reich offers us a final reflection "In the future it will be possible to monitor continuously and remotely, all imaginable variables including environmental ones and for that future TSG is ready."

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